Lean Principles

If you've read Eric Reis's book Lean Startup, then you know what we mean by lean principles. If you're a startup company or launching a new product or service, and haven't read Lean Startup, you should!

Essentially, what Lean means is that our approach is almost always to start small, learn from your customer, and continually improve your product over time. This comes after years of seeing entrepreneurs invest huge amounts of time and money launching the ’perfect’ product, only to see it fail because they had not listend to their customers.

We have seen this approach work because it move a business to profitability faster, easier and with much less wasted time and money. Interested in learning more about our Lean approach?


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Candid Conversation

Too often web development firms are afraid to be honest when they think a project won't be successful because they don't want to lose the business.

At Sound Web, we have over a decade of experience building web and mobile based applications and we've seen what works and what doesn't. We know all to well that if your project fails, then we have failed. So, just know that if we see risks in your project - or a better way of going about it - we're going to speak up and tell you.

Not sure about your project's chance of success? We'd be happy to talk with you about it.


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At Sound Web, we strongly believe that no one person has all the answers when it comes to making a project successful. We invite and encourage collaboration.

There are three main ways we encourage collaboration on our projects; with our customers, within our team and with professionals and subject matter experts.

Our mantra is ’use the right tool for the job’. Our experienced team and extensive network of professionals ensure that the right people work on the right parts of your project to make it successful.


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