Technical Staffing Solutions

Advisory Positions

Looking for a senior level advisor for your startup or small business, but don't have the budget for a full-time position? Sound Web's Advisory services could be right for you.

Contract Positions

Have a part-time or temporary staffing need for a web designer, developer or content manager? Sound Web can help you find an experienced contractor to meet your needs.


Sound Web has developed a unique apprenticeship program where we train students, women and minorities that want to get into STEM fields and prepare them for the workforce.

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Tech Advisor Solutions

Advisory and Mentoring Services

Sound Web has been helping startups and small business develop and execute on sound strategies for years. Put our experience to work for you..

We offer a variety of advisory services and can work within your budget to accomplish your goals and objectives. We also offer mentoring services to technical startups in Connecticut..


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Apprentice Program

In our unique Apprentice Program we train students, women and minorities to design and develop websites. Our program prepares these folks for a career in software development and we welcome employers that are looking for a great candidate to contact us. We have someone for you!

Our apprentices get a solid foundation of how the web works and then dive deep into HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They are also well versed in popular content management systems such as DNN, WordPress and others. They work in teams as well as independently on real projects for our clients. Looking for someone good to join your team? Contact us today.


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Apprenticeship Program

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