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Construction Permit Fulfillment

GoPermits provides their clients with an innovative and cost-effective permit fulfillment service. Their service maximizes their client’s time spent on their business; therefore earning them more money for their business.

GoPermits provides a full turn-key permitting service for homeowners & businesses alike located throughout the states of California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin.


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Web-based Permit Processing Application

GoPermits came to Sound Web in search of a way to automate some of their business processes. Their team is almost entirely remote, so they needed something that the entire team could access. They also had a lot of data in spreadsheets. This became unwieldly for their team to manage. They also could not leverage the power of this data in spreadsheet form.

Sound Web helped GoPermits develop a well-structured data model and database. We build custom DotNetNuke modules that GoPermits uses to manage the data they have about the permit requirements of thousands of municipalities. Sound Web developed a Job Board that the GoPermits team uses to manage their work load. To-date, GoPermits has managed over 8,000 jobs using this application.

GoPermits custom application has paid for itself several times over in business process efficiency and streamlining. They have also been able to handle more customers, and server them better, than they could with their data tied up in spreadsheets.


Sound Web was right on the job creating an intuitive design with images and aspects that are pleasing to the eye, attracting more customers


Is your business growth restricted by inefficient processes?


The Sound Web team are experts in automating business processes. If your business feels constrained by old technology we’d be happy to talk with you about ways you can invest in technology to grow faster and with more confidence in your systems.

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