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Parason Machine, Inc. is a recognized leader in the precision machining of high performance plastics and Centerless Grinding Services. Located in Deep River, CT, it is one of the most well equipped Swiss Automatic Machine shops in the country.

They have over 40 years of experience in the machining of high performance plastics to exact specifications and tight tolerances with no requests for exceptions to dimensions or finish requirements. They take pride in servicing those industries which need consistency in quality, in order to accommodate the automatic machinery used to assemble their products.



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Parason Machine engaged Sound Web in a project to rebuild their website and, in the process, improve the SEO (search engine optimization). Their website was not optimized well and they had no idea how much traffic their site was getting.


Sound Web rebuilt their site on DotNetNuke and performance page-level SEO on all pages of the site. We recommended several changes that were implemented. We also added Google Analytics to their site and did a training on how to read the reports.


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