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Improve Triage Speed and Accuracy

Doctors at Yale New Haven Health were attempting to find ways to improve the speed an accuracy of first responders to be able to triage patients in a mass casualty situation quickly and accurately. They theorized that they could use a video game to help first responders practice triage steps.

First responders are trained to follow a specific workflow of steps to triage patients. Memorizing this workflow is not unlike a video gamer memorizing steps to beat and complete a level in a video game. So the doctor’s theory made sense and seemed logical.


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60 Seconds to Survival HTML Game

The 60 Second to Survival Game

The doctors contracted with Sound Web to build the browser-based HTML game 60 Seconds to Survival. Sound Web built the HTML, CSS, JavaScript and API needed to run the game. We also built the database that was used to manage the game and provide the statistical reporting the doctors needed to analyze the results of the game to see if their theory was true.

In the game players start on a practice level where they need to visit each patient and triage them by performing a set of actions and checking various things like pulse and responsiveness. As they progress levels get harder and more challenges are presented. Researchers analyze the steps taken and the time it takes to accurately triage the patients in the scene.

In the end the doctors proved their theory that this type of practice can improve the memory of first responders and in turn lead to faster and more accurate triaging of patients.


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The Sound Web team are experts in building tools to collect and extract data for reporting and analysis. Whether it is a game, like 60 Seconds to Survival, a survey or a business application, we can help you design and develop a solution that will meet your needs.

60 Seconds to Survival Research Game

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